Sun, 02/09/2014 - 17:09 -- Thafari


I made the man in the mirror my rival, 
Now I wake and compete with my reflection to make a better one. 
I bully myself till I sacrifice luxury, 
Building a tougher me for the rougher days ahead. 
Everyday I push me off the edge, 
Work it out so either I break or refine into something sharper. 
I don't want to be me right now, 
That's why I work to be something more useful, more impressive, more important.
Take you and make you into who you want to be, 
You is only who you fight for...
Empty soul makes waste of skin,
No beauty in sight can only diminish a life.
Take days like steps,
Breath in and on exhale make sure it feels as if your lunges collapsed.
Only possible to be a better me,
After realizing you're not enough for yourself.


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