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RAYAN Limitations My worlds sinking at the bottom of pain, Filled with all the happy moments my life has had to sustain, Broken souls and broken dream that I taught how to entertain.
Oh! With what unspeakable anguish Do I regret the vocation I came so close And so oft to having The sweet acclamation That might have been mine.   Had I tried and failed,
God is cruel, putting me and my emotions here with you. I am the failing punch-line of an unheard joke You are a center stage comedian
Sometimes life is hard. The thrilling twists and turns we face, are often more than one can take. Like Atlus and the earth, we hold our burdens on our back and pray for balance.
Throughout life, there are those too important to let go. But no matter how hard anyone holds on, We'll all end up gone; There's a close to every show. You were precious in every sense of the word.
I could see that pain and hatred in your eyes The moment she spurned you as childish and unwise. I know how it feels to be scorned and chastised. I know how it feels to go against those baptized.
Little girl, now don't be sad, I understand your pain, How you feel there's no way out, That you have gone insane.
She has decided to walk away Because, you did not treat her right Nothing but a chaotic scene Situations sadly, ended in a fuss or fight Face the reality of the matter She often drowned in tears
Why can't I just be a bird, that reaches up to the sky looking down at all the views and always free to fly? Why can't I just be the sun,
This transcendental sea Stretched in miles destiny, Precincts an outline of hope- Moreover, anguish. As all horizons seem to be Dense in fate of sky and sea.
When she is gone There will be nothing for you to say Let's face it You did not appreciate her anyway You used and abused her And played with her heart Nothing but an acrimonious scene
You were never there Nothing but pure neglect A child was born A moment that you seem to forget Nothing but a dark cloud Bitterness sadly rears its ugly head Just take accountability
Girl, what happened to us? Conversation has sadly ran dry This has become a masquerade Time continues to pass us by If we do not communicate Darkness will appear Of a melancholy nature
Tears fall from her face That is ever so clear You did not treat her right You were insincere You messed with her heart And played with her mind Nothing but an insolent demeanor So degrading and unkind
You have to continue on Even though you have lost a loved one Remember the good times you had with your mother She taught you how to be strong She is still there to guide you
It has been sixteen years Since that dark day Our nation was under attack Total chaos in every way Three thousand people sadly perished Nothing but pure frustration Along with sullen moments
From being a book once sealed shut, now open and exposed.   With problems I fought to be forgot, on pages that can't be closed.    It will be okay—
"Listen, listen  Do you hear The peircing scream Through the atmostphere  Listen, listen  Do you hear Those long, long screams Of pain and fear Listen, listen Do you hear
Fire is my force I am in beautiful Anguish Darling, my whole heart loves you   Garden flowers die But not those who lie sacred
Count to ten and close my eyes
I groan as anguish rips through me, Starting in my feet,         A dull ache felt deep
This hurtsFor some reason or another this hurts
I remember the swell of the blood red buds, spread in delight, whetted with my kiss. Your rose lips unfurled, framed in the flowerbed of first love when you planted butterflies on my collarbone.
A Day He Waits for Fateful Night's Delight
Why do i love him being around him only makes me grim I have loved him through the ins and outs of time I love him to the point it's a crime He's the orange juice I'm the syrup
we are the worlds tomorrow we are the new generation we are the future than why are we so reluctant to see the necessity of life   we lead our lives according to hashtags and social media
I kiss the lips of tragedy Sin is my close companion I lie and wait for lying things That lie down and seduce me   What power do my actions hold? Or more the power of my inactions?  
You’re crying and you’re heaving As pain rips you apart And I can’t help thinking Of how you do have a strong heart   Tears are gushing from your eyes Filled with so much pain and anguish
It's bursting out! This little beast Of joy and pain - My fingers crave To only carve And carve away, At the chips of reality Before my gazing eye.
It’s much too dangerous to think about passion.
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