Wed, 03/14/2018 - 22:38 -- puffin

Throughout life, there are those too important to let go.
But no matter how hard anyone holds on,
We'll all end up gone;
There's a close to every show.

You were precious in every sense of the word.
You were a treasure
Valued beyond measure
And your life has forever changed this world.

Our star,
Our radiance.
Life assaulted you hard,
But you found joy in the experience.

You were the best of all of us
Distilled into a single man.
You gave me the science that I can trust
And revealed the dogma which I can't.

You were gorgeous -- absolutely stunning!
Anyone could discern that from afar;
Your intellect shined brighter than a quasar,
Every sentence was impossibly cunning.

You didn't believe in the afterlife.
Neither do I.
Yet I can't help thinking that somewhere, Einstein
Is serving you a piece of his birthday pi.

Regardless, you're in the dark,
And I'm left to cope.
We've lost the brilliant, glorious star
That provided me hope.

You touched myself and others,
Whispered in our ears.
Every word I adored
Of those secrets unknown for thousands of years.
Goodbye, mentor.
Your legacy will never be smothered.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

Powerful poem
Life will bring pain, but it's about healing
It's about peace
Well said

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