The Suffering of Art


United States
32° 4' 7.986" N, 102° 5' 40.8552" W

It's bursting out!
This little beast
Of joy and pain -
My fingers crave
To only carve
And carve away,
At the chips of reality
Before my gazing eye.

The burn of twigs
Pressed to my hands
So lovingly held
So tightly pressed,
Begging to me
To bring forth life!
As the monsters take
My breath.

Stealing off the light.

Until a shell remains.
With a smile,
Through the pain-
Anguished hands,
Tangled things,
Of cracking
Burning bones.

So happy is the world,
Restored is the life,
Stolen from inside
Of a strange mind.

Lovely is the pain.
That only the kindred
Can understand.

A worthy birth,
My happy child.



Wow, I love this

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