For Reasons Best Unknown, This Hurts


This hurts
For some reason or another this hurts
From empty words to digging in the dirt
These words really hurt

I read the old words
And feel those old things
I remember the promises I made
To the queen to whom I was a king

I don’t know if we have a purpose
I’d like to believe it’s so
I think that God is out there
But does He love me? I don’t know

A mistake I’ve never recovered from
Is perhaps where my life started from
A breakup over text, a fallout over phone
Two people move on, but both are alone

Is it worth the time to shrug?
It was worth the time to hug
Back then I was too young
To understand love

Even now I don’t understand
Perhaps I never will
Why I did what I did that day
This hole will never fill

Because we’re all stupid people
All just ready to burst
From reading beautiful words
Written by someone we’ve hurt.


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