My worlds sinking at the bottom of pain,
Filled with all the happy moments my life has had to sustain,
Broken souls and broken dream that I taught how to entertain.
Confusions reign supreme in my mind give it a mind of its own,
Regardless of how hard I tell not to show me how wrecked and broken I am it still reminds me
And pretends as though it doesn’t know where these properties come from.
I’m on my knees pleading to pain to let me go,
And all it does is grow and grow till I can’t feel happiness anymore.
I’m at the end of my ropes and its making want to uproot out my soul.
Why are these limitations I can’t control the pain I feel,
I hate the stupid words clamming all I need is time to heal.
Can’t they understand how painful living a transparent life is?
Limitations in the mind please bury all the broken memories and leave them all behind.
I wish I could walk through my mind, I would lock down all the doors that permit pain reach my
conscious mind,
I would shoot down all the monsters feeding on my fears and bury them in the walls of my mind
I would shut down all the taps that let tears flow to the eyes every time I felt lonely,
Oh how I would let loose physcopathic killer living inside of me and let it take control
Limitations in the mind I hope you’re satisfied with the monster you’ve created out an innocent
soul like me.
-Emmanuel Rayan Daka

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