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                                       Siamo a settembre Estate ha appena perso gli arti Il suo calore, la sua bellezza e la sua tenerezza.  
      Nous sommes au mois de Septembre L’été vient juste de perdre ses membres Sa chaleur, sa beauté et sa tendresse.  
We are in September Summer just lost her limbs Her warmth, her beauty and her tenderness.  
Sitting down and thinking back on who we want to be and where we expect to be going is like thinking upon September as a family member.
… september breath of lazy in the breeze nuts and berries dripping juice dappled sunlight, ancient trees remembering - old summer memories of hazy dusks and blue twilights
That Septembernight.   I didn't know my life would change.I went out to have fun. I didn't think I'd meet someone who'd define my year.   That Octoberday.  
it's the start of a  new season, crisper   air and revival   
 It was in the clove of seasons,  the flowers were stained. The grass around was wet, from the night when it rained.   A tombstone now stands, where the bleeding tree once stood.
  I am controlled by this Bryiana, What story has my face have told? Her very presence sends a chill of electricity down my spine
Surrounded by my brothers  And yet I am alone. We grew together, weather storms  And cuddled amongst parched leaves. We are strewn across the fields
In September I met you In October I fell in love with you In November
I am empty. No feelings, no thoughts, no memories. There is nothing there, because everything that which was, seems to have escaped me.
Just feel the cool breeze blowing gently all around, and listen to the warm-colored leaves scatter gently across the ground    
I often dream of dreams dreams of flying dreams of dying dreams where I wake up crying dreams defying   All the lot dreamed of weddings. I dreamed of settings dreamed of regretting
Like the hands on a clock …move Like the wind in September …blows   My mind is systematic, yet it can flow freely like a fluid dream   Like a bowl of dust seeping into crisp air
What I’m Thankful For When asked to speak, I figured, hey! This will be easy. As I began to think of what to say, I grew slightly queasy.
  It kills me to see you go though pain It hurts me to see you make the same mistakes Over and over again I don’t understand How can a person love someone That broke their heart?
When September rains down on me all of my fears are played over and over my mind like a movie screen. I'm washing away all regret and the sorrow of soul.
You’ve listened to stories of Hallows Eve a night of scares and sweets The story you haven’t heard (some may think it’s quite absurd)
  Rushed out of school, without a clue in the world Thousands of people died in the last half hour Moms, dads, sons, and daughters..
Between ice cold lemonade and hot cocoa, I am human, While bundling up due to the breeze, I think thoughts such as these.  
september 1976, day i was born didnt feel the moment of scorn came out of my mother's womb didnt feel like i was bury in a tomb my eyes opened up to life my existance didnt struggle that was full of trife
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