I often dream of dreams

dreams of flying

dreams of dying

dreams where I wake up crying

dreams defying


All the lot dreamed of weddings.

I dreamed of settings

dreamed of regretting

dreamed of forgetting

dreamed, woke up sweating


But most importantly I dreamed new beginnings

to see you for the first time

the way your eyes shine

hoping, wanting you to be mine

waiting all this time


But most importantly I dreamed

not a wedding it seems

but a dance floor that gleams

a DJ at the extremes

a coffee shop that teems


Keep reading, learn more about my dreams.

I never thought it wrong to not

dream of weddings like the lot.

I'm not trying to be a snot

I just dreamed too far out to be sought


I always dreamed,

I always dream

just watch my smile beam

or my eyes twinkle agleam

for I probably am in a dream


Regardless if it's with you or alone

I will continue to walk, to run

the road before me will continue undone

because I am one

and one that dreams to shine bright as the sun


But don't take my one as forever

I'd want you to walk, to run with me whosoever

we can be clever together

attack all fears whatsoever

and make each other, completely, better.


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