a september poem

… september

breath of lazy in the breeze


and berries dripping juice

dappled sunlight, ancient trees remembering -

old summer

memories of hazy dusks and blue twilights

buzzing crickets and popped corn

rustling fields of golden hay

browned skin, a snoozing dog.

restless leaves, ready for autumn

snapping sheets and bending clothesline

musty attics with herbs, dried.

warm cobblestones drowsy

humming bees, slow scents of harvested

grain and earth - long plowed

crisp yellow apples whispering ‘fall’ from

niches in the dry grass - woven in.  the last

tomatoes, the first squash and a dip

in the shrinking creek.  the corn half cut

cider and pumpkins?

meadow tea.

the weathered boulder in the ravine.

all waiting for something - expectant - still

This poem is about: 
Our world


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