September Rain


When September rains down on me all of my fears are played over and over my mind like a movie screen.

I'm washing away all regret and the sorrow of soul.

But when your fingers intwine with mine, nevertheless I'll find your heart in beat with mine keeping a perfect time.

I'm lost in the light of your eyes that forever is strong.

So don't forget that I'm by your side. I'll be here don't you cry. I'm playing this lullaby, of love that never dies.

I'm keeping the secrets of God in devotion of sin.

Because when the angels cry love has died. I'm still here don't you cry. I won't leave I'm lost in my dreams

I will never see anyone more gorgeous than who's in front of my eyes.

So please don't leave.

Because I love you so.

Please, don't leave.

I'll never let you go.


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