No Two Stories Can Be Re-Told


I am empty. No feelings, no thoughts, no memories. There is nothing there, because everything that which was, seems to have escaped me. Loneliness cradles my feelings of despair and hopelessness. Depression have climbed up my back like a unwanted vein weed wrapping itself  up around a dazzling, pearly white fence.A sense of lost beholds me so tight I feel it will never let go. A laughter can fix all of that. The laughter is like a magical spell cast upon my graces. Washing away all of my gloom for a minute or two. But, my joy do not stay. It shrivels up into a dry cracked leave left with no water to drink. Until another laughter sounds off to spread my mouth wide with a brightly lit smile. My eyes play a game of "who can gleam the most." I am at peace but then again, loneliness never did know when to quit.


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