Forget Me Not.



It kills me to see you go though pain

It hurts me to see you make the same mistakes

Over and over again

I don’t understand

How can a person love someone

That broke their heart?

It kills me to see your heart broken

Time after time

I want to restore your heart

With joy and happiness

To give you all that the other

Didn’t give you

It kills me to see him kiss you

When really you don’t want to

When I look you into your eyes

I see pain

Pain like someone stole your

Heart just for a sexual gain

Everytime when I’m around you

I see a different side of you

But yet the broken heart

That masterbates your soul

And penetrates the veins with your agony

The blood rushes out

And it can’t seem to stop

Even though I told you I love you

I need to know that you love me

I never thought I’ll be here again

Loving someone the way I love you

But I’m willing to wait

For him to make another mistake

And I’ll be here waiting

For you to realize what your heart wants…

Don’t forget about the meaning of love

It’s not about me or him, it’s about us

So don’t shy away from me my dove

And if you never escape his love lockdown

Walk across those railroads tracks

And make sure you bring your all

Because it’ll kill me because of love

That was never found

Just the falling leaves from the maple trees

Waiting to see if you’ll chose to love me

Next season….



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