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september 1976, day i was born
didnt feel the moment of scorn
came out of my mother's womb
didnt feel like i was bury in a tomb
my eyes opened up to life
my existance didnt struggle that was full of trife
my 1st time i was able to walk
my 1st time i was able to talk
each year i make it to september, it is a blessing from god
i give my glory knowing we are never promise tomorrow
so what happen to my calls wishing me a happy birthday?

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We all realize at some point in our lives that each day we live is valuable and we should be thankful for each moment that we have. This poem describes what this revelation feels like, especially in the line "i give my glory knowing we are never promise tomorrow."

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thanks for the support
its about being thankful the life that we live-always make the best of it and always remember that there is someone going through worse than ourselves
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