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Yes, the finely floating feathers Floating in the sky One of the feathers Even caressed my eye! Ye olde agua,  Frozen is dismissed. Oh, my dear Elsa! Let us dance, dance,  Forever more.
Living with anxiety is like living in an invisible box. It has 7 walls, one for every day of the week and a glass ceiling to remind you that you’ll never escape. The box’s name is fear.
Gil Scott-Heron Question, Did you ever realize who the biggest kingpin is? They say real eyes realize real lies Well the Revolution will not be televised So, I was sent to open eyes
There is a wall plan, And it is being applied. Then money isn't there.
We haven’t much to call our own. Not our eyes or our hair, or our X chromosome. Not our face or our fare, or the places we roam.
I had all of you, Most of you. Loving you, Close to you.   You meant the most to me
Oh say can you see  By the dawn’s early light Narcissism and bureaucracy Have distorted our sight   Oh say can you see Our criminal justice system favors the rich
America is the new China I was built up like The great wall of china I am strong, powerful, impenetrable, Fortified heavily until nothing can hurt me. But like the great wall of china,
Oh say can you see? By the dawn’s early light The big wall towering Over us all upright Whose broad bricks And bright clay
Build a wall! Our brothers and sisters of the South have thrived Under the shadow of oppression, located In the "land of opportunity," now fear for their future as they are
  it's like a wall and a wall is like a structure because structures are made of walls but only if we described our structure as something more as just walls
I sit facing this wall This wall is all I see I cannot move my head from left to right In fear that I might miss something Maybe when I look off
One time I talked to a stone wall, and it was just like talking to you. Except without the interuptions. I say, Hey, Wall, what's happenin'? You think you're trapping me,
I lay in my room, staring at a white wall, wondering if this is my last sight. I stare at this white wall, blank and boring, yet filled with wonder. This white wall encloses me.
A beautiful field of green full of commotion 
Oh, the lovely corner, a home and friend of mine. Oh, the lovely corner, your comfort is divine.   Oh, the lovely corner,
There's a brick wall that only we can see and it's my fault that it came to be. With a torch I set the bridge to flames and then looked for someone else to blame.
"Because a wall is better than a gate."    Someone told me,build a gate around your heartand let whosoever inwho has the key to the lock.
Society. Supposed being. Supposed way. Action. Expectation, Contemplation,  Judgement, Wall.
I am looking at the wall. Too high to jump, Too dense to walk through, Easy to go around. But I can't make myself go around the wall. I let myself stare telling me, "You won't ever get past this."
I reach the bottom floor and turn west, toward home. If I hurry, I’ll make it back before the kids, and Karrin’s lethal words can question the hickeys, burning like Red Stars.   
I see a 'Wall' Were images are reflected. From the names. Of those that went. And met their fate. They had no choice. Or deferment. From their fate.
Who hides behind this mask of mine,  The one given at birth so fine, The one who wishes to fit in, Yet identity sticks like a pin.    Through dance she moves effortlessly,
My True Self   My true self is a lion A gorgeous one you see When she stands up fierce as well as tall
You see the Iron Empress Who standing tall, stoic, regal. She hides the Carefree Clown Who could entertain for hours. She hides the Lovesick Maid Blinded by love unrequited.
What exists beneath my curtain What exists beneath the wall, the shield, the barricade What extists beneath this bright smile Beneath this laugh that lights up the world What exists beneath my  protection
I try to show you all the stuff I'm capable But this wall is just inescapable The wall has a name But giving it a name, doesn't make it easier to tame   I tried crossing over it
  Rising up to Be Unbreakable             Struck down             By lightning             Washed up ashore             Lay in exhaustion  
I hear your anger, I feel your cries. I can smell the fear of histories repitition; the thought of certain memories guard you heart. You cannot forgive nor forget. How could you? It broke your mind,
Dreams run anewfresh In my mindas I think of you
​Mirror on the wall
I was rockin' south-shore down to Growtown Swinging scythes and red band balls
Curling tight my back facing the sun knees to my eyes and hands held tight feet tucked under pressed into the wall hiding fearing not willing to face the day
With what westward fancy froze Amongst the lengthy lines of prose But what did perchance arose  But a rose?   A rose so sweet with yonder yore Fraught with flights of fancy & more
These thoughts are strangers to my head, These thoughts behind the wall Where once stood nothing. Now is hope But fear, it still abounds.
Once again she stood, her mirror before, Scanning the work that need be done. 'Twas time again to rise and face yet Another day under the sun.
Suffocation, suffocation Why must you be? Must you be so vast and prevent me from seeing? Tight grips on my neck Back against the wall What will I do?
Each tear- Another brick. Each scar- Another brick. Each day- Another brick. I opened my heart to you- Another wall entirely. Will you help me build it?
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