Folly's Cove, Owned by Mankind


With what westward fancy froze

Amongst the lengthy lines of prose

But what did perchance arose 

But a rose?


A rose so sweet with yonder yore

Fraught with flights of fancy & more

Behind it all with extensive lore

Could you have seen it some time before?


But a teardrop on the wall

Could have only seen it all


By the sea and on the tide

They sit and watch as stars cry

And as the rain pours ever onward

As a chill cascades over

As a gull laments in tangent

Even time could not have drove her...

Eyes that flutter ever on


And in that time that space allotted

I can only hope she has forgot it

Forgiveness never granted

By undertaker's breadth

Must've been allowed my eyes a time a-former

Before and after my own heart's death


So that only a teardrop on the wall

Could have only seen it all


Aye! Forgiveness, thy name is bane!

O! Repetition, thy foul crane!

The squawk of thee be love's thane!

And by mistress, or mistake

Or Apple, or snake

None other than thee is dubbed disdain!


Cry! The beloved

Die! If thee covet

There hath no fury like a woman repeated

Nor even yet of a man defeated


Yet none of this a blind eye sees

A whistle in the wind

The air between trees

The mistakes we make

They often repeat

Despite attempts

We often displease


And time blows slowly

In the winter

In the spring

In the fall

No witness to bear mans perpetual folly

But a lowly


Old and repeated

Teardrop on the wall


Only it could EVER have seen it all


This is a poem I made in my spare time, and I decided to enter it into the scholarship contest. It relates to the mistakes of the past, and mentions repetition of these mistakes. It shows how our past comes back to haunt us at times. Henceforth the utilization of "perpetual", "repetition", and "folly". When I thought of this poem, nothing came to my mind more than a cove by the sea, trapping and then re-washing out the mistakes we make; our follies. Therefore, I named it "Folly's Cove, Owned by Mankind". I really would appreciate it's consideration for the scholarship, as I could use any amount of funding I could attain! Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it.


Please, I would like to keep this as an original poem, so use of this poem would have to be done with my permission. I would like to claim it as my original work and my "property". Thank you.

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