Breaking the Wall


United States
39° 57' 26.6184" N, 75° 15' 55.4616" W

These thoughts are strangers to my head,
These thoughts behind the wall
Where once stood nothing.
Now is hope
But fear, it still abounds.

Why did I lock myself
Far from the world of man?
Where no one could touch me,
There I was a rock:
Impenetrable and safe.

But security is not living
If one shields oneself from pain.
If no one sees the me inside,
If emotions I hide,
What have I to gain?

Without risk, reward cannot be won.
And so, I knock down the comfort of the wall
Brick by brick, hour by hour,
The labor is hard
But the endgame is in sight.

Like a newborn baby bird
About to leave its nest,
I spread my wings,
I take the leap,
I pray you won't let me fall.


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