The Birth and Death of the USSR

A beautiful field of green full of commotion 

A wall borders the field 

The wall is an eye sore 

A wall that isn’t all that tall 


The residents outside of the beautiful field regret putting it up 

The wall’s job is to keep the beautiful field of green from spreading 

There was a time when the wall wasn’t there 

The animals living beyond the field were the bears and the pigs 

And the mighty eagle lives inside 

The bears and pigs had always been separated from the eagle 


Ever since she hatched the eagle had a felt good times 

She broke free of her egg and she has flourished 

The eagle is much younger than the pigs and bears 


The bears and the pigs use to be controlled by the big cats 

The cats would taunt and tease the bears and pigs 

The cats were despotic in their rule over the bears and pigs 

The cats ruled over the bears and pigs with this tyranny for centuries 

The Kingdom of Cats was prosperous 

They controlled fields nearly as beautiful as eagle’s field 

But the bears and pigs didn’t reap these beautiful fields 

The bears and the pigs never had full meals 

The bears and the pigs did not live good lives 


The cats ruled until the bears and pigs had decided that they had had enough 

They attacked all the cats at the same time throughout the cat kingdom  

There were too many bears and pigs for the cats 

At first the cats had tried to go on the offensive against the bears and pigs 

But that was of no use 

Next the Cats tried to defend themselves while trying to keep hold of their possessions 

But that was of no use 

Finally the cats tried to escape the bears and pigs 

But they were all caught by the bears and the pigs 

The bears and pigs got rid of the cats in various ways, but they usually killed them 


After the revolt the bears and pigs had to figure out what to do next 

Then along came a man who sold hammers and sickles 

The man told the bears and pigs a wonderful way of ruling themselves 

He told them they should work together 

He told them to make rules and laws to govern themselves  

They made rules and laws 

The bears and the pigs bought some hammers and some sickles 

They could finally farm and live their lives again  

They had decent lives after that hammer and sickle man 


Their lives were fine until a small group of pigs realized something 

The pigs realized that they could manage the bears, and the bears could do the hard work 

The pigs told the bears their idea and the bears thought it was only logical 

Bears are stronger than pigs and pigs are smarter than bears 

The pigs worked behind desks and the bears out in the fields 


Later the pigs had another idea, overwork the bears 

At this time the bears were not aware of the pigs’ plans 

At this time the pigs were trying to control everything the bears did 

The bears no longer had any say in the government 

The pigs controlled everything 


Next the pigs started docking all of the bears’ pay 

But the bears didn’t notice, they were too busy working  


After a while the bears did seem to notice and they got a little angry 

Most of the bears were getting tired of the pigs 

But one bear, named Grizzel, told the other bears they should work harder to get more money 

It seemed the pigs were docking more and more of the bears’ pay everyday  


Eagle saw what was happening 

Eagle didn’t like what she was seeing 

Eagle had been raised to think that everyone should have the same opportunity 

She saw how bears didn’t have any opportunity  

She flew over to talk to the pigs 

The pigs just tossed her out of their kingdom  

The pigs then ordered the bears to build that ugly wall 

The wall was not supposed to keep eagle contained, it was to keep her ideas contained 

If the bears heard eagle’s ideas, they would want to get rid of the pigs 

The pigs at this time were getting fat and wanted to stay that way 

The wall was put up in a rather quick fashion 


The pigs started telling the bears that eagle was a bad person 

The bears continued to believe everything the pigs told them 

Eagle went for a fly one day to checkup on her kingdom  

She peered over the fence the bears built and saw something sad 

She saw the dying fields, the dry pastures, the weak bears and most importantly the fat pigs 

Eagle couldn’t stand there and not help the bears. 

She needed to help the bears. 


She got rocks, branches and other things 

She flew close to the ground to avoid being seen by the pig overseers 

She gave the bears these simple things 

The bears minds became filled with memories of better days 

The bears decided enough was enough, they wanted to be free from the pigs 

They wanted to prosper once again 

They wanted to be like eagle, and be free, and prosper at the same time 


Bears are much stronger than pigs 

The bears attacked the pigs 

They attacked anything and everything that was a pig or reminded them of the pigs 

They attacked the wall 

They attacked with such fury that the wall stood no chance 

They wanted some of eagle’s ideas 

They wanted what was behind the wall, prosperity 

Bang, Smash they get there way in 

The bears destroyed the pigs 


The bears were welcomed by eagle 


The bears had fought twice for their freedom 

The bears could now prosper without the pigs hampering their efforts 

They could now use their lands and build something beautiful like eagle had.



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