The Wall

I sit facing this wall

This wall is all I see

I cannot move my head from left to right

In fear that I might miss something

Maybe when I look off

The wall will change

Something will appear

Someone will appear

I’ll get an opportunity that I would never get again

I’ll get a chance that I would never get again

So I sit

Facing this wall

Waiting as the hours tick by

Like dreams escaping my open mind


“Soon,” I say to myself

“Soon, soon and it will happen,”

But it never does

Then I wonder

What is happening all around me?

I feel like I’m losing something

Staring at this wall

This unmovable force

This silent force

What if there was a better life behind me?

But what if I’m wrong?

If I look behind me, I might miss something

I might miss my chance

But fear cannot control my life

I am an individual

I am free


So I stand from my spot

In front of the wall

And I turn to see all that I’ve missed

All the memories I could’ve shared

And the friends I could’ve made

If only I wasn’t

Staring at that wall.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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