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Did That One Person Help Your Life?Did That One Person Inspire You To Get Back Up?Did That One Person Make You Struggle?Did That One Person Make You Mad?Who Was That One Person?
 Part 1 of a 6 part poem written to my mom using different body parts as a guide to weave each poem together. This one depicts her eyes & mouth.     A deep dive into the ocean
For all actions logical or senseless, there are consequences. And at times I'm offended and become defensive, since this extensive, fundamental lesson is intended, to be a comprehensive theory that is essential.  
By the grave I saw the cloudsThe thundery taint taintingI crave the clerical, cloudy comorosAnd its eyes have all the taintingAnd the thunderclouds never tarnishingMy grayness, I could not awaken Deep into that
my mother told me love is simply: terrified they could go away
Wake up in the nighttime, I see the stars. Twinkle Twinkle little star, now i know just where you are. This feeling's overwelming, I hope I'm just pretending. This feeling in my heart, it just keeps extending.
Strumming my guitar. Plucking my bass. Pressing keys on the piano. My mind is tellin' me that I had to be a ace. Feelin' the rhythm, through the music notes. Shoving my music down people's throats.
Wake up in the mornin'. Suddenly, I'm in a dream. Everything looks so real. What could this mean? I get up, look around. My face turns into a frown. My heart starts racing.
 Why is the world filled with destruction. Why are we filled with so much obstruction. Trying my hardest to struggle through. Trying to believe and juggle through. All these obstacles I face. Leavin
The sun comes down through the dark clouds The lights go out on a melancoly hill The dark comes when the light is out of bounds The light decays in my hands like a disolving pill Light doesn't last a day or two
heaven is a topic of controversy that dwells amongst great populations - from a young age, I was exposed to such trauma of Death in circumstances that a young princess should not have withstood.
Every line has a meaning.  Emotions always flooding threw.  All heart is let out knowing what is really true no matter how long or short it is it always related to something that someone cares 
Dear Graduates,   We are born of the world. So introspective. So divine. Yet we tend to lose ourselves in the struggles and daily routines,
The true feels of a healthy relationship is one that brings out the best in you. They build you up, not bring you down.
There lived two people long ago who sought to love more than you know. They practiced poetry all day, a song most meaningful today. It makes your heart so sorrow and gray, for the man turned out to be awfully gay.
Sometimes words can be tossed,   Their actual meanings lost.      Sometimes words are hand selected,  
Mom,  I see you in every flower, your kind heart in the petals, your radiance in the colors, your determination in the stem. you are full of life, wonder, and beauty.
Some dreams are worse than others, but they're all the same, a passage to a better life, it's difficult to explain, whether by knife or by rope, either way, i couldn't cope,
I was born as a boy with two siblings,
Butterflies. Could they exist without it? What about flowers? What about days and nights? What about sunsets? Sunrises? Rainbows? Stories? Songs? You? What about you? Could you exist without it?
She is alive
I feel like I can't runaway anymore. I've been running too long. Searching high, hiding low...
We drift away to Narnia in our sleep, if only to gain some solace from the dreadful company we keep. In spite of the futility of it, we crave and thrive within the vicinity of our creation.
Here I speak before you today in regrettable silence, For we have become a generation to be disgraced, for not only our actions but our power.
  Crossed Paths             An Open Rift             Shattered among all             Forcibly in perkiness             A stone  
  Bare Bone             Catch the winds             Sail the sky’s             Numb the tides             Ride the sounds  
Be this poems Creative means writing are And for everyone singing Write listening songs.   Write differently every show For time for everyone Yourself, the world is the
A song so moving I felt revived   the rhythm made my senses alive   A voice and instruments in a symphony    the connection to the lyrics gave out my sympathy 
The moon is indecisive it changes every night. And when the sun rises, the moon hides out of sight. The stars shine bright, like little kisses, in the morning light.
As I sit back and think about this thing call life I always ask myself. "Is there an answer to every question"? You ever asked a question to someone but they would always tell you that they have no clue or idea?
As I sit back and think about this thing call life I always ask myself. "Is there an answer to every question"? You ever asked a question to someone but they would always tell you that they have no clue or idea?
You'll drop anything, to help the one who suffers.   You're like a candle , you'll burn yourself just to give light to others.   A super hero without the mask and cape.  
A kiss of fate, A touch of destiny; To me you mean more than anyone can see. You make me laugh, You make me smile. I think I even started snorting there, For a while. :D When I’m with you
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