Crossed Paths


Crossed Paths

            An Open Rift

            Shattered among all

            Forcibly in perkiness

            A stone


            Frozen and warm

            Exemplary in heart

            Reclusive from the shadows

            Clawing, gnawing, for air


            Struck by thunderbolts

            Rolling over the precluded endings

            Reaping success through failure

            Even when defeated


            A past

            Full, overloaded, yet Aesthetic

            We clashed

            Fell, ground on ground


            Mind to mind

            Friends, brothers

            We became

            Ongoing, bracing stale air


            Racing down lines

            Mobs of colors surround you

            Driven to finish

            Beat by the sun


            Nausea swallows you

            Weakness pollutes you consciousness

            Until I come by, waving goodbye

            So it began, our race with sacrifice


            Crossed Paths



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