Traces of Us

Dear Graduates,


We are born of the world.

So introspective.

So divine.

Yet we tend to lose ourselves in the struggles

and daily routines,

of our everyday lives.

Sometimes we take all that we learn,

all that we are,

and all that we know, say, and do for granted.

Sometimes we latch on to labels, limits, and terrible things

that hold us back from manifesting our dreams.

We mustn't forget that we always change and grow,

just like the earth we stand upon,

that keeps us breathing,

keeps us living,

and will continue to go on.

Even when all of us are gone.

Keep in mind that right now,

at this moment,

it is your time.

We are all here to leave a little trace of ourselves behind.

We may not know how to do so.

Or even about the people who came before,

but it is us who will effect future generations just as they did prior to us,

and long before.

We will either change the world for the better or let it  worsen.

If you are not careful with what you do,

the past can come back to either haunt or reward you.

No one escapes anything in this world...

We are our hopes,

our dreams,

our desires,

or become grafted into beings some of us never expected to be.

Take a closer look at yourself,

and see that you are a temporary embodiment of time.

The past, the present, and the future intertwined into a physical form in this place,

and at this given time.

Now, unfold your story and carry on.

You will become a mindful example of what to become or what never to be.

Your fate will either restore or damage humanity.


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My community
My country
Our world
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