true story

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Don't Do It Bro, Don't Do it ... !!! ... " NOooooooo' " ... !!!!!!!!! A Sentiment Sent Because I've Lost A Friend ... In The WORST Kind of Way Leaving MANY Dismayed ... !!!!!
Dear You, I'm Sorry.  Based on A True Story.    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
To my first love:   Just 'cause your dad went mad, and your gad made you shake...   Just because God was shoved  down your throat, like a foul tasting medicine...  
A girl says “no” when she’s sober And she “just needs to relax” A girl says “no” when she’s sober She’s a bitch, a tease with a stick up her ass   A girl says “no” when she’s drunk
'Calm down.''You're fine.''What's wrong?''Will you please talk?''I want to understand what your anxiety is about.''How's it feel?'
He lights a cigarette. He lights it and inhales its toxin. He looks at me with eyes that’s full of pain. He inhales his way to death and tells me that I’m the one he would’ve died for.
There once was a group of friends, The rules… yeah, they would bends; Awkward and silly, They’d laugh wily nilly, But that is not where this poem ends…   The first is a girl named Hannah;
A tale of a Big Sister, and the Little who changed her life!
As i look across the room i see A small cat looking back at me A look so soft with shining eyes  Bright like the crisp morning sun-rise  A smile grows across my teeth 
                                       "No one likes you freak!"                                     "Not allowed to talk to you."                                     "Stop reading and go play."
It is society that killed the teenager.
* Rriiiing * *Rriiiing* I'm serious this time.  *Rriiiing* No False alarm. I'm really going to fucking - Answer Goddamit ! 
She glances around, Then ducks into the bathroom.
She sits staring into space,talking,and waiting  she wants to speak,but can't  it's in her head holding on to that one word
Lock and Load, Cupid shot his shotgun at me
We wonder, we ponder how tragedy must feel Is it like burning or a pure sensation With every waking moment you feel broken and helpless As you weep in sorrow you think of all the good times and laughter
Angels have dropped out of the sky Leaving black plumes in their wake The feathers from their wings Have left tears on the faces of those who loved them And lost them.  
I lay upon a rubbery bed, My mind fuzzy with lethargy, And ponder what was in my head, When I had decided not to sleep, And that's when they dragged her in,
Three word with so many meanings.
   Before the fourth of July. I never knew pain so severe. Expecting a few firework shows with enjoyable sound. The bright vivid colors seem to amaze us all and make the little kids go wild. Instead i ended up with the opposite.
run little baby girl, let the wind and the sirens comfort you as you go, run as fast as you can, get as far away as you can it's okay, it's not like the others will ever understand
Dark, unsure where I was going  scared from not knowing which way up the stream of life I was rowing constantly mowning from sickness, my mom is a witness no money to buy food but plenty to get drunk with 
Grandpa Woody,   Remember how we used to play together, In the living room at your green house? Someone else lives there now, And we rarely ever go there.   I had a dream the night you died;
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