Angels have dropped out of the sky

Leaving black plumes in their wake

The feathers from their wings

Have left tears on the faces of those who loved them

And lost them.


Angels have swopped down from Heaven

Stealing everyone’s hearts

Holding them tightly in their porcelain hands

Selfishly clutching all of that love

And letting it go.


Angels have spoken their tender song

Wailing across the lands

The soft words carry them home

Dripping sorrows on mortal cheeks

And silence reigned.


Angels once roamed this earth

Treading on heavenly feet

Blackening the ground with their blood

Leaving us only to wish

That we had the last word.



In memory of Alex D'Andrea and Paige Pakula, two beautiful people that committed suicide at my high school. May they rest in peace and find true happiness in Heaven, and know that they are horribly missed. 

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