For the Best

Lock and Load,

Cupid shot his shotgun at me

Maybe he'll get a better shot at me

guess he was tired from missing his arrows at me

you walked in my life just like that

then you walked right out just like that

through the back door so sly like that

You would have never say goodbye like that

or maybe i'm just lying to myself like that

Cuz i know i won't see you as you were that night like that

my guilty conscience is only speaking nonsense

now i'm just speaking nonsense about my conscience

since you're guilty for making my mind meddle with the wrong sense

i'm just trying to forget

maybe it's for the best

you said it's okay regret

but you said you didn't regret

Now i just self reflect

Memories so many to recollect

recollect these pain

i've been trying to neglect

thinking about ones i can accept

to help fight through this stress

from my work and progress

these thoughts are getting heavy to hold

these feelings are getting really too old

i'm trying to grasp the last of my desires

Fantasies may be false realities

but these dreams will never expire

and who said being pushed down

can't get you any higher

call me a writer

story teller or whatever

i tell my stories

as the ash piles up slowly

if you see me different

tell me honestly

if you can't,

show me honesty

I'm tired of lies

i wish they can all die

it's friday now we all fly

the night's coming alive

Damn it's still young

and we're still young

coke and rum

we just won

conquered fears

i've conquered mine

unless you're near

pass the beer

who's getting fucked up in here

yeah we're cool

yeah we're fools

fooling around

but it's calming me down

all these commotions is bringing me down

all these demands wearing me out

"you haven't had enough man"

i've had plenty, i'm starting to drown

i'm feeling funny

"Cat, quit being a clown"

excuse me but i dropped my conscience

and it's no where to be found

you hand me a cup

i can't turn it down

"Cat, roll another blunt"

kay, Hold up

let me finish this cup

"Cat, you got the purp?

You always got the purp."

yeah i got the purp

it's in the trunk

give one second

i'm trying to get drunk

i got feelings im not trying to feel

pain i'm not trying to gain

things will never do change

how's your life?

let's have an exhcange

the things i'm doing

just let me explain

i just need to rearrange

a entire life with no complaints

to know what's important and what's not

is there really purpose for rhyming these thoughts?

and yes i do have a lot

i wrote them down on paper

stored in a Jordan's box

"Cat, you already fucked up"

homie shut up,

i haven't had that much

So toast toast bottoms up,

puff puff blaze it up

toast toast... now i'm fucked

I feel the alcohol crawling up

hold it in cuz you're the man

boast boast seventh cup

you could never understand

stains of sin on my hands

blunt and gin in my hands

i'm doing it again

"you're just the coolest, damn"

i'm just a fool being foolish

but that's nearly who i am

"Cat, she's throwing up again"

i'm taking her home again

blasting music, it's 2 in the A.M.

she's feeling great

"how many shots"

she said eight plus two cups of bombay lemonade

her conscience is fading away

saying things she wanna say

letting all emotions escape

leading me to my mistakes

her words too much for this beaten heart to take

knowing by morning those sensation will fade

and those words are stuck with me till this day

i wanna tell you things i can't say

this night will only repeat

i just want to take a rest

this night was fun i guess

i'll do the same with the next

exhale stress straight out of my chest

on my way home from your address

if you're with me at every step

nights like these are for the best



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