A girl says “no” when she’s sober

And she “just needs to relax”

A girl says “no” when she’s sober

She’s a bitch, a tease with a stick up her ass


A girl says “no” when she’s drunk

Or moves your hands away, silent

You feign not to see, you just want to fuck

You know better than she that she wants it


A girl says “no” when she’s sober

But you know you can make her see!

How could you have known til it was over?

That “no” meant “NO” to ME


You poor will-less thing, you victim of fate

You’re just an oblivious boy on a "date"

She was the monster, by existing a temptress

Doting mothers all agree – that whore was a tease!

How could a slut expect anything else!?


But rape

It was anything else

Not rape


A girl says “I have a boyfriend”

Cause you don’t respect HER -- maybe another MAN?

You feign she meant “yes”, “’no’ with different intent’”, “playing hard-to-get”

Cause in truth you’ll take whatever you can


A girl knows some just won’t take “no” for an answer

So she attempts to convince you “no” with a list

“I’m just here with a friend--” Just words, whatever she says you don’t hear her

You refuse - oh so innocent - to of “no” be convinced


How could you have known til it was over?

That she wouldn’t say “thanks for forcing me!”

That filthy cunt has some nerve in the first place saying “no sir”

You’re a catch! That stupid bitch just can’t see


That it’s not rape

It was everything else

But rape


Part of you senses the danger

Cause only part of you can block out the truth

Rapists and bad guys, they’re only ever masked strangers

Anything else is just so hard to prove


And there’s only one person to prove it to

She’s scared and confused

It’s so easy to do


“I’m sorry, I just thought…!” your big tears start to flow

Even you’re starting to believe you! You give a great show!


You tickle her trauma some more,

So she doesn’t know if it was real:

Wasn’t she was asking for it, dressed like a whore?

SHE’s the one who trapped YOU when she baited and reeled


Yes, to you this version appeals!


Not rape

Anything else

Not rape


I can say I tried

When I finally realized

You scared me with your tears

You scarred me with those lies

But I can say I tried

To dismantle your disguise

I can say I tried

I’m bitter now, I’m angry

I’m jaded as hell quite plainly

And I cry a lot alone

But I can say I tried



A girl says “no” when she’s sober

No one accepts that she means it

Now? I don't bother saying “no” before it’s over

Cause he won't listen and no one will believe it


“He’s such a good guy”

“He’s really smart”

“Such a hard worker”

“I dated him, and he never hurt me!”

“Don’t believe her – she’s crazy!”

“If anything, she forced HIM. Skank.”

“I mean, no, I wasn’t there, but I just KNOW.”


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I'm interested in constructive criticism and artistic feedback, but please do not make mean comments regarding the actual story. This is my story and it is painful. I don't need anyone adding to that pain.

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