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In my embrace, I’ll hold you tight.   Snug and warm, I watch you sleep.   My arm turns numb where you lay your head.   I can’t feel my hand anymore either.
Your calming noisesYour soft, soothing furYou have always been there for meand I will always be there for you   The thoughtthat anyonecould hurt you…   Breaks my heart.  
Cats, round balls of fur. They move only in blurs.   Does my vision deceive?, Godspeed. A cat zooming by at topspeed.  
Fickle felines are indifferentindependent from their hostinquisitive and leeryskittish as you approach 
dollops of dandermighty mousers meander—cats with cattitude. . © 2020 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.  
Soft pink illuminations trickle through The thread bare membrane of curtains Dribbling light down the windows ledge  
The cat dips its paw Into the milky pooled moon A delightful treat   
Have you ever been inspired by an animal you admired? They ask "Who inspired you?" You don't often say "Maine coons"   You may think of your brothers, your sisters, or Dad,
The truth about cats is everlasting mystery The slick shadows clinging to fur Yellow-green eyes opened slowly Soft vibrations rumbled The warm heat waved
I love the color periwinkle and I love the smell of rain. I love the touch of skin to skin, I love cats. I love fuzzy socks and onesies and I love crazy lip colors.
Oh my dear egg, I have to be clear, I’m not very happy with you, When in my face, You decide to stick your rear.   A cat with flair,
     Approacher beware Shouldn't touch me anywhere    I'll scratch your eyes out
Cats. Thin, Plump, and Fat. Cats. Loud, Quiet, and Noisy. Cats. Sweet, Loving, and Evil. Cats. Lazy, Curious, and Active. Cats. Soft, Rough, and Smooth. Cats. Cats.
She's my constant friend,  love all the time we spend. My night time cuddle buddy,  and my love unconditionally. My protector in the darkness, my constant soft caress.
Running from nothing Fleeing from the dog Why won't this cat simply Lie like a log?   Hoewever crazy he seems No matter what he acts like I will always love my cat
The cat is a calico with gray and brown spots and a cute pink nose. She likes to lay about on
Smiling like an fool, Greeting me at the door, Is my little pick me up. With shiny golden hair, and those beautiful brown eyes, Is my little pick me up. With four little fluffy paws
Words drift into Oblivion The night stretches into Morning Alarm rings into Irritation Dawn breaks into
You are always happy to see me You never get annoyed when I want to snuggle You curl up willingly on my lap and head bud my hand as a sign to tell me that you'd like to be petted
There are some days  when life just gets me down but when I see I'm in this haze There's someone who I've found   He can't speak our language and has tiny paws with pointed claws 
Some like you hot, others cold,  Either way your taste is bold.  I love the warmth in my hands and the hint of honey I taste.  So sweet and warm with flavors galore, not a drop of tea I would waste.  
Tests multiply Time divides Adding stress Subtracting sleep I need to eat I reach over and feel the fur Stress decreases exponentially Counting whiskers Timing purrs
Rolling on overwet noses and furry tailsmake the day perfect
Some people say that cats are boring. Some people say that cats are lame. Some people say that are violent. Some even go as far to say they are not as good as dogs. Cats always make everything better to me though.
The days can only get tougher And life can only get harder- But when I walk in the door and am greeted by your excitement- My day can only get better, And my smile can only get brighter.  
Little bodies of fur Scurring around the house Trying to catch their tails   Tiny beings of love Batting at the flies Buzzing around their head   Quiet meows of desire
Coming home  from  a long shift When I step out the car Collete already near Walking toward the chair my feet hurt I take a sip of water My comfort cannot be quench Only my furry friend Collete
A spiral of roots       calms a             tortured soul—    one whose mind is clouded with              worry
It’s 5AM and you’re crying (again).   You’ve climbed, into my bed, onto my chest. You put that cute face in front of mine,   so close, your whiskers poke
Fat Cats And Sunggly Blankets make rainy days And book readings wonderfully Sunny
On the sunny slope Goro the cat is waiting And watching, keen-eyed At the newly soft spring ground For the fresh mice newly born.   In truth, how can I Bring this kind of commitment
Little Rowena, I wish you were here. I remember the first day I met you. You came out of nowhere and meowed at me. I would look for you other days but you'd disappear. You were absolutely endearing and cute.
once upon a time i was zack, zack had a black cat. That cat liked  to hid in some sacks in a shack,  its ok the shack was all black. zack likes to keep it OG, so he stays all  dressed in black.   
A cat named Snowy My partner in crime and friend Cannot live without
I’m a fool to say it But you are my world You are my joy and happiness  My comfort without asking Not everyone understands Because you’re a cat But you are mine And I am your human
stroke his soft gray stripes sandpaper tongue rasps gently he sits and listens. 
I can’t stand my cat   My cat sticks to dark clothing like a straight A report card sticks to the fridge My cat stands on my head as if it’s the Golden Gate bridge and he’s a jumper
I remember a couple years ago sitting on my couch. No knock. No soul. No sound. No sound of blithe. Stared into the eyes of the TV almost as if there was a way for it to comfort me..
A cat, still very wild, thirsts in a desert. An island in a sea of sand, an ethereal woman, too kind, a thirst is quenched, and past lives remembered. The cat perches on a lap, content for a decade.
Come hither my cats, let me sing you a lullaby. Sleep in my arms, lay in the bed of lavender. Listen to the song of sleep, and let it linger in your ears. The night has come
Cats are love Cats are life. Cats are cute So don't give them the knife.
The first, She was a beautiful, Little girl with such unique, Interesting markings. I loved her. She was my best friend. If I was happy, It seemed she would celebrate with me.
Big and black, white under neck, white on paws and under belly, furry and warm, smells like feathers. Always sleeping, always licking, meticulously cleaning fur. Laying on my bed,
Wabi-Sabi, not the sauce, the beauty inside me.
What are you doing, little creature, with your tiny, furry paws and wide, shining eyes full of bright energy?   With your tiny, furry paws, you swat at the tassels, full of bright energy,
Sophie you are so pretty You are my kitty You love shrimp You do tricks And they are a pip!
She shut the door in my face
Horses, horses, horses Oh how I love horses Buckskins, Chestnuts, Appaloosa's, Pintos and colts, Halleluja! The wind blowing through their manes The sound of hooves on the plains
Don,t look for this cat to sleep on your bed----- Outside you'll find this wild cat to wow you instead, The lynx is a wild cat of North America, that could weigh 300 pounds or still more,
It takes little to impress me
Note: A short story based of of the Warrior Cats book series written by Erin Hunter. 
Two tiny little, white paws
What I learned from my cat:
Pigs, chickens, cows, and goats. Products on my shelf. Unable to speak as I rip off thier coats.
Like children, you are always getting into “things;” At 2 in the morning, it’s time to exercise. One does laps around the room while the other one sings, yowling tunes with high-pitched notes; why am I surprised?  
I walked into a room, and you were not standing there. There was no shape of your red canvas shoes in the carpet. Or the heft of you green ballon by the window.   I lowered myself into the car
The laptop is open and the papers are spread He doesn't understand "Just stay on the bed!" He steps on my keys and nudges my arms Go away honey I didn't ask for your charms
Does it make you feel strong or are you just incapable Of putting yourself in someone else’s position? Do you feel big and bad when innocence squirms? When you force pure love into submission?  
I like when he comes to me for protection. I like his voice, deep but childish. I like the color of his pristine blue eyes. I like how he can sleep anywhere at anytime. I like when he cuddles next to me.
thump thump thump thump silence thump thump thump, it's three a.m. and little paws are about they race and play, until I say "Hey! I'm, trying to sleep!" Quietly, they creep.
I miss fighting with you to see your 'I told you so smile" I know I wont see it for awhile I miss the look in your eye when you know what you're doing You always do whatever you want to
I adore music, I jam on my piano to express myself  
Every day is a battle My house is a nightmare I love everyone here Sometimes I wished they'd disappear I hide myself in a empty room Hoping they wont find They call me crazy But they walk on two paws
cats are god cats rule all cats conquer hearts cats are the internet cats on shirts cats on posters cats allow no escape cats rule everything around me  
Bear down a phrase coined in the past a definition yet to be finished Bear down to find a path that suits you may this be the stone unturned Bear down the pride held by the cats
The great Leonardo  proclaimed that “the smallest feline is a masterpiece.” I can appreciate his taste in cats, as each one is brimming with pizzazz and spunk.
Such a beautiful face. Now sad and twisted And so out of place. All on her own. You cast her out into the night. Hungry and cold she roams. Why did you give her such a fright? All on her own.
Gray like the hairs in mother’s mane, Eyes as deep as a wishing well, Black as the sky surrounding the midnight train. His back arched into a downward curve, Paws tucked and ready to pounce,
I knew the day, I saw those bright green eyes full of love, Just wanting an home and someone to love her back, My days would not be the same. So I wish for you now,
As scentless as you appear to be, you are full of diverse aromas to me. As my perfume covers up your silky fur, all I hear you murmur is a soft "purr." Fat, similar to meatballs, you have the world's biggest bluest eyeballs.
Learned words like dope, hard, real, and some mo'. Heard from cats like Malcom, Martin, eras of passion, pain, and coke. Hip Hop taught me too never give up, hold your head steady.
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