The Power of the Purr

Have you ever been inspired

by an animal you admired?

They ask "Who inspired you?"

You don't often say "Maine coons"


You may think of your brothers,

your sisters, or Dad,

your uncle, your cousin,

your favorite teacher, Mr. Chad


But the lovely little lions you can't help but adore

Well, let's be honest - all they really do is roar

They ask for food, they ask for toys

They spit furballs on your floor

They shed absolutely everywhere

Until you're saying "Really? More?"


And yet once you've cleaned the mess

and your kitten's in your lap

She purr, purrs away

and has a comfy nap


And you pet her gentle fur

And you listen to her purr

Your heartbeat calms, your stress is slowed

And your kitten never stirs


At the end of the day, despite all the chores

A cat can always be waiting for you right by the door

They scratch things, they break things,

but they love you evermore


Throw a bouncy ball,

watch them race down the halls

It may seem vain

but I maintain

that cats are the greatest of all.

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