Ode to my cat

You are always happy to see me

You never get annoyed when I want to snuggle

You curl up willingly on my lap and head bud my hand as a sign to tell me that you'd like to be petted

Your whole body rumbles with purrs as I pet your tummy and tell you that are a pretty kitty

Your fur is white and fluffy like fresh fallen snow and you have grey patches scattered among your snow white fur that make you look almost cow like

Your eyes have an innocent gleam in them, that make it seem like you can do no wrong

Your paws are like a lion's and your grey tail is bushy

Your personality is quite like mine, so maybe that is why we get along so well

And when people say that "you're just a cat"

I reply with, "no, you're my best friend"


This poem is about: 
My family


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