Waking to Wiskers

Soft pink illuminations trickle through

The thread bare membrane of curtains

Dribbling light down the windows ledge


Pale pointed ears poke over the edge of my cotton landscape

As you crawl your way upon my mattress

Alined with the glow of the ascending sun


Sinking your paws into my bedspread

Shifting its even planes with every step

Ever so often catching on a loose thread


A soft mew cuts through the quiet

Dashing any previous hope for slumber

As your wired whiskers brush my cheek


Then a suddenly a fuzz coated weight

Blankets along the lower half of my face

Cutting me off from my oxygen fix


Causing me to crack one sleep weighted eye

Satin fields of orange fill my vision

Sprinkled with strips of white


The vibrations of your rich purrs

Resonate across my body

Grasping for freedom from

This suffocating scarf


Upon sensing my consciousness

You roll over on my chest

 Granting me the gift of sweet air


Deep carmel slits meet round blue orbs

Resonating the love of locked gaze

Caring messages of inhuman communication


Your tail curves over my wrist

Beckoning me forward

Nudging my nose with your own


Morning shadows gently caress your face

Bowing respectfully 

Over me and my cat


This poem is about: 
My family
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