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Girl youthful, careless talking, acting, hating, dancing  makeup, school, nature, city listening, caring, making, loving  witsful, harmless Woman
I wonder what the sunrise looks like upon distant lands I wonder about the people watching it rise and how their day will be I wonder if there's someone out there thinking of me   we may all look different, 
A white light looks through a piece of glass and sees a variety of colors.   A white sees a purple light and thinks, "I love how purple is so pretty!" "I'm wish I could be as beautiful as purple."  
Her heart was made of music, But she kept it quiet. She muffled away every sound of it Despite how for silence she was unfit. Every day she sat beside him, A quiet soul her own age.
we're all human  no matter what religion we follow or dont follow   we're all human  no matter what culture we belong to we're all human  no matter what ethnicity we are we're all human
Dear Neighbor. My family isn't from around here. I did not grow up in these coastal neighborhoods. It's not like your family. With your nice dog and your kind husband and your quiet sons.
We are not our brother’s Keeper but that does not make us his Executioner. What right have we to take other’s lives from them, like a thief in the night?
Sisters-  If a man ever pleads  with you, saying, "It's  what all guys do  to girls," it is  your job to tell him  but one thing: be different. 
Today I fucked on a letter you wrote to me a long time ago What it means? I dont know. But you wrote about Our garden.
Honestly, I was born in the wrong era into a time of progression my values constantly put down because I'm "special." No, just different. So go ahead and critisize I may be a traditionalist
Hola, Bonjour, Ciao, Guten Tag these are different ways to just say hello. It's marvelous and eye opening how languages have an impact on our lives. Without them we wouldn't have different
It was a myth that held me back, a stubborn kid, ready to be "mature". Forget Doctor Seuss, I wanted to go Wilde. I wanted to paint a picture, not say Trees are green,
they dont know that i stay up at night  dreaming of who i could be what i could do what i could make and own they dont know that i try to picture my mother the small details i can remember
Dear outsider,  I've never seen you before, perhaps because I'm blind.  Blind to the hidden beauty of the world.  Blind to potential. Blind to unconventional people,
Yeah, let it be they say But nah, what’s the point of it? When life isn’t rife with objectives   You got to hand it to them, what’s life without discipline?
Peace of mind is Lying sandwiched between my parents. I am half a man with an ego bigger than he is, And half a woman with a temper shorter than she'd like it to be considered. I am half afraid, half fearless.
Over the years, We fell apart. Lost contact, Drifted away.  
Discrimination comes to all.
Is it possible to be, simply, black and white in this kaleidoscope world of colors? Is it possible to be, simply, one low note while others are scales, trills, and melodies?
Brought into this world full of killers drug dealers crooked cops i look around and there's no one to help a would without heroes ? how have we survived this many years ?
Birthmark. Stretchmark. Scar.   Round cheeks. Flat cheeks. Fat.   Muffin top. Hair on top. Stick.   Dark skin. Freckled skin. Pale.  
I stand with others
  What explains the difference among differences? My mind troubled by the puzzle A maze in which chaos makes sense Differences more acceptable than others Lost, tumbled, shaken, and forgotten
Mono-one, s
Fun Things and Happy Things Can you really leave these behind? Even if you can, can you keep loving this place? Can you keep loving yourself? Sad things and frightening things You want to leave those behind.
Different we all are Similar we appear to be Perfection is a star An unreachable image we can see A personal paradise… Something we’ve always craved for A perfect world so nice…
Pray to her God, his Savior, their Saint Hold your hands to the One who determines their fate! Kneel down for them, to the Almighty King Partake in their wailing, dance with them, sing!
I remember a time Seems like yesterday When things were different, Less complicated. Barbie dolls strew across a yellow quilt Fairytales played to life in the backyard Picnic lunches
I look forward to the day When the share post doesn't need to say: "Share if you are a strong black woman who doesn't need a man." "Share if you are a strong woman who doesn't need a man."
Two eight-year-old boys meet. One of ebony skin, One of cream. After hours of frog-catching at the park, Their fathers see, and take them apart. Why can't we be friends?  
Is everyone that you see not blinking because y'all blink at the same time?
A seahorse's tale
Sometimes we threw punches, Both verbal and with our fist, Though the bruises left over, Whether on our ego or on our face,
Hey there, shithead! Yeah, you, The one with the degrees. Do you think sitting here, Being a student is a breeze? Do you think that we can Sit here for hours on end, Go home to do our chores,
The difference between learning and simple education, is not only the spelling, grammar, or punctuation. The power of education is insurmountable to much, but the epiphany of learning, can't even be looked at as such.
Snow falls on the ground In little small specs; You can't see each of them from far away, And yet most would say they are perfect.   The flakes fall, At a uniformed rate,
You see that blonde-haired boy sitting over there? Trying to concentrate on his work, Hoping its correct... He runs gracefully on the soccer field. The boy is 12 years old and in 6th grade. He doesn't care...
Change is what drives this world. Nothing stays a constant speed. Every heart beats differently. Minds rearrange themselves. People speak obscure words. Friends say "I'll have you're back, No matter what I've got you." I say "Let's be real here,  
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