Why Can't We Be Friends?


Two eight-year-old boys meet.

One of ebony skin,

One of cream.

After hours of frog-catching at the park,

Their fathers see, and take them apart.

Why can't we be friends?


The first day of junior high,

A pale, skinny girl with glasses passes by.

Seeing the other girls with short skirts and blonde hair,

Asks, barely-audible, if she could sit with them there.

The girls laugh and her dismiss.

Why can't we be friends?


The class gathers in gym one day.

The boys choosing their team that fall,

James who playes hockey, Mike who plays basketball,

The people have chosen, but who is left?

Greyson who dances perfect ballet.

Why can't we be friends?


He doesn't speak clearly.

When asked to read, he stutters.

His doctor says  Autism,

But  it doesn't matter.

They still laugh and joke,

Make fun of and poke.

Why can't we be friends?


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