Her God, His Savior, Their Saint

Pray to her God, his Savior, their Saint

Hold your hands to the One who determines their fate!

Kneel down for them, to the Almighty King

Partake in their wailing, dance with them, sing!

For a moment believe that He is your God

Give Him your soul, your heart when you laud!

Maybe in that moment He’ll understand why

Why you wholly believe in such a sick twisted lie!

“I do it for her! For the sake of his soul!

“Don’t tell me their God is this flamingly cold!

“I pray to the God that he worships daily

“To the one she said would still try hard to save me!

“Don’t ignore me now, when I actually tried

“To invest in a ruse to save them!” you cried

“Is it not enough to give you my faith?

“My soul, body, and mind are yours to disgrace!

“I don’t care where I end up after this

“As long as she’s safe and his sins you dismiss!

“So I pray to you now, because God I’d miss her

“Keep him around… I love him,” you whisper

And let the tears flow, to prove how you feel

Show Him in that moment your intentions are real

Give up your faith and adopt her religion

Believe in his God for the sake that He’ll save him


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