A White Light

Sat, 06/15/2019 - 19:55 -- victors

A white light looks through a piece of glass and sees a variety of colors.


A white sees a purple light and thinks,

"I love how purple is so pretty!"

"I'm wish I could be as beautiful as purple."


A white light sees a blue light and thinks,

"I hate how is always sad; they can't see the bright side of anything,"

"I'm glad I'm not a downer like blue."


A white light sees a yellow light and thinks,

"How can they be constantly happy? The only times they cry are of joy."

"I wish I could be as cheerful as yellow."


A white light sees a green light and thinks,

"They are always working something useless and they are good at nothing. They waste all their time."

"I'm glad I'm not withering away like green."


A white light sees a red light and thinks,

"I'm glad I always keep my temper in check."

"I'm glad I'm short tempered like red."


The white light makes a remark for each and every color.

It steps back from the trangular prism and looks around.

It sees other white lights also through triangular prisms of glass.

As the other white lights start to turn from their prisms, the colors disappear.


All that remains is white light.



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Our world


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