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 I never was one for roller coasters, I like my feet firmly on the ground, thanks. But I’ve bought a ticket, I’m going to ride, so push your fucking mood swing higher. Look, ma, no hands.
I wish you would take what you need and just leave me alone. I push you away, but you keep on insisiting. My smile is barely there, but it's there. What do I want? I don't know.
Baby you and me we were never quite so perfect    We had a lot of things uncommon, unalike   We were different, day and night   You like the dark and I’m like a bright light  
Sunshine and Thunder    I'm not so good with distance And I'm not so good with time Sometimes my head gets foggy  All muddled up in rhymes    He operates in numbers
Emotions of mine have umlimited meaning to thus my heart to be fine. Although yours, has no feeling.   You are the guide of my love To where you felt the same When push comes to shove,
They've always said that opposites attract, But I never believed them. I constantly look for similarities To make myself more feel more human. We both like red. We both have cats. We both like music.
Tears and heartbreakLaughter and smilesRight and leftAlways together Never separateCuddles and kissesCookies and milkSleeping and dreamingLife keeps them together Because they are pairs
  He is talkative I am quiet   He is brave I am a coward   He is calm I am anxious.   He is my rock I am not myself without Him   He is my helper
  Looking into the mirror The reflection is that of self-realisation A being who has strived
Love never hurt so much or felt so good You were so broke yet so full of passion I was so lost but still looked for nothing but a friend Together we were so right but never quite fit
I always wondered  If the chills
The Raven and The Light   The bird that flys in the night, you shall call him crow. I may call him winged king. The name beats in my heart.
I am both Angel and Devil; I am both Savior and Sin,
Who am I? No filter flow, who am I I am an extrovert and an introvert I am a wolf in sheep’s clothing and a sheep in wolf’s clothing
You love my food, but you add salt.
I'm as out of place in your life as a stop sign on train tracks.
The sun sheds a tear for the moon,       and the moon for the sun. For only a glimpse of the others is caught       before each must run.
She acts before she thinks He thinks before he acts but neither one had ever thought that they'd be the perfect match 
The theory of opposites attracting is a dirty lie in the world of humans opposites tear each other apart yet not in the painless physical, they pull at every tender spot of your mind, but its your fault
Th light of day gives to dark of night, How can one overlook this tribune? For even apathy has insight,
Tick, Tock In, Out. Up, Down. Alive, Dead. Happy, Sad.  You, Me.  Love, Success.  Friendship, Power.  Selflessness, Wealth.  Soul, Aspiration. Life is only opposites.
  Sun, he rose in the morn.  This day the first he was born.  He whom created all,  could be our fall.
I know what you're thinking,Why me, right?Out of all the other boys,The jocks, the rich kids, the artists,You choose me.
Lonely but Glad Happy but sad Alone but surrounded Singing but silent Alive but dead Smooth but with a dent Silent but screaming Loud but quiet Crushed but dreaming I stood but He left 
Have you ever stood on the edge of a cliff? Have you ever looked over a precipice? Did you feel strong and tall? Or did you feel small and weak? Have you ever stared into the night sky?
Singing in silence, laughing in pain. Love is hate, crazy is sane. The water drips, people shout. The clock ticks, running out.
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