The End


United States
35° 5' 36.7476" N, 85° 5' 8.4336" W

Singing in silence,
laughing in pain.
Love is hate,
crazy is sane.

The water drips,
people shout.
The clock ticks,
running out.

Left alone,
seeds sown.
money blown.

Frivolous stuff,
holy shrine.
Simple enough,
no time.

Living out,
dreams of old.
Poker face,
then fold.

Give up.
Let it go.
Forget it now.
Never show.

Break out the life boats.
Abandon all hope.
No survivors,
left afloat.

Dark sun,
bright night.
Happy depression,
no end in sight.

Bright gray,
dull white.
Dim comet,
grounded flight.

Old beginnings,
die young.
Please help,
song’s sung.

See darkness,
The Devil’s back.
the End.


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