Sunshine and Thunder

Sun, 01/21/2018 - 18:57 -- Arrow

Sunshine and Thunder 


I'm not so good with distance

And I'm not so good with time

Sometimes my head gets foggy 

All muddled up in rhymes 


He operates in numbers

And letters are my style

And he gets there very quickly

Me, I may take a while. 


I flow in curves and circles

While he focuses in lines

He breaks down equations

But errors teach my kind. 


He likes to take the measures

Me, hell I just run

And sometimes my more careless ways

End me back where I begun. 


In my mind, I am like the sail

Blowing with the wind

And he, the chain and anchor

Which bring me back again. 


At times I look at us and wonder

How we are so in love

When we are like sunshine and thunder

East and west, below, above.


But like the sail and anchor

Each has a part to play

One moves the vessel shore to shore

One makes sure we stay.


He teaches me the rhythm 

While I riddle him with rhymes 

But the music that we make

Melts me every time.


And sometimes we speak in thunder

Sometimes we roar and quake

He the rod, I the cloud

And electricity we make.


Sometimes we speak in sunshine 

The warmth breaks upon our face

And we swirl like dust flecks in the sun

Dancing through sweet space


Yes, perhaps it would be simpler

To be with one like me, or he like him

To speak the language, know the course

And instead of sailing, swim. 


But then I think, how dull it'd be

How unlike the gods and fate

To not have that charge of physics

That only opposites create.


Because I know, he is my north

My lightning rod, my root

And I his south, his sail and song

Whom he can not compute. 


And yes I've walked in sunshine 

And I've also walked in rain

But there's no stronger magic than the day

When they are together and the same. 

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