I'm Fine


You love my food,
but you add salt.
You like my poems,
yet you change the words.
"It's not too far", 
I hear you grumble all the way.
You love the fall,
yet you rake the leaves.
You say you're fine,
but your arms are crossed
"I'm not tired",
yet you shut your eyes.
Your's not thirsty,
but you lick your lips.
You love this song too,
why won't you dance.
You're feet don't hurt,
but you sit with your legs held high.
You say you're happy,
but the smile won't reach your eyes.
You say you'll call,
but the phone never rings.
You walk out the door,
but also my life.
You ask how I'm doing,
I say I'm fine.
This poem is about: 
My community


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