Let Me In

I know what you're thinking,
Why me, right?
Out of all the other boys,
The jocks, the rich kids, the artists,
You choose me.

Why'd you have to fall for me?
Whatever you're looking for,
I don't have it.
Whatever you're expecting,
I can't give it to you.

I'm probably the last guy you'd need,
Instead of making you feel wanted,
I'll push you away, protecting myself,
And what's left of what the last girl,

But you know what I think?
I think you're great!
No, wait. I know it.
I've noticed the other boys,
They have nothing I want.

What do I want?
Not much, I'll say,
Unless you think that,
Putting the bottle down for once,
Getting high off of laughter for a change,
Or opening up and letting me in is too much to ask for?

That's all I ask of you,
To let me in, to see what you've seen,
Feel what you've felt,
I'll be careful. I'll be delicate.

I won't dig too deep,
I'll read the warning signs,
I'll stop there. I won't go further,
But please, oh please...

Give me the chance to prove you wrong.


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