Baby you and me we were never quite so perfect 


We had a lot of things uncommon, unalike


We were different, day and night


You like the dark and I’m like a bright light


yet we complement the other in a way


We work it out to complete a day 



something in you is pulling me


I don’t know why and I can’t see but


You and I know we are meant to be




So stay strong


Stay resilient


You and me will love the other every day


So stay strong 


Keep your diligence


You and me will come together anyway




Maybe you and me, we will never be so perfect 


But I can see the love inside of you


because you say just what you do


You dont have to proclaim to whole world   


Or even anyone who’s standing by


I’m just glad to call you mine 



All that you do inspires me


Your example, it changes me 


I look at you and that’s where I want to be




We’ll stay strong 


Love resistance 


Because it makes us even more in love every day 


We’ll stay strong


Stay resilient


Cause I think that’s what keeping me at bay



I’ll stay strong


If you’re willing


And you and me can be forever always

This poem is about: 
My family


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