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This Birthday wish might not make you wise But at least it wont strain your tired eyes Your heads still harrier then your ears but they might turn gray within the yar   Your aching from head to toe
Stacy I know your favorite songs and you tell me about your dreams. I know where you belong. I know it's me.
all he knew was tears,father was my herowhen things were hardfor my littel ,mindall he wanted was for me to be happy 
I wrote about you because you everything i wanted   I cant be one of them because i know  
I was a pretty fat kid, I made things awkward for myself and I distanced myself from others, and I just didn'
Flint is the symptom of a larger, over-arching issue in the United States. There are many cities like Flint who are suffering from under performing economies which makes them vulnerable to
My Name is Samantha Hurd and this is a poem about my Dad and his Drinking problem. My Dad drinks, I don't and I plan to keep it that way.  Everyday at my house it's a battle.
Step Over It isn't over yet Something new  Someone you haven't met Fear, ignore Power, strength, courage, tell me more Onto the next somewhere to explore
Words to make art  To make whole the heart relieves the burdens of life to forget the pain and the strife   Words from heaven make whole the lost and weary soul And eventually calm and peace
Dear Mom, The first time you heard me cry, The first time you held my tiny body in your hands, We made an ubreakable bond. As the leaves of time change and few things are the same,
I was kicked out by my mother and father,But I have not become a robber.Instead, I'm homeless and very tired.Shelter, a hot meal and a hot shower is all that I desire.My clothes are all tattered,
The ache of history makes everything heavy and dull.   Memory is the cruelest tyrant.    
How much can you bear? Why are you always on the clutches of wishes? However you are hurt you don’t seem to learn   Whenever the mind wants to stop, you continue Whenever the mind wants to continue, you stop
I am a student, right now heading towards the end of high school and out into the real world. I'm not afraid of where I'm headed, or if i'll be alone.
So theres this girl. Brown skin, average looks, shes got a lot of ambition. if she could dance instead of walk she would and she would tell everyone how she feels about them if she could.
Saturday was very devastating.
When time freezes and I begin to contemplate the choices I've made fear is what begins to crawl and latch onto your back and when you see time swindling through the air you make a face that'd you normally do when you are in love or succeed on rev
Still: He sat. Blank: His mind. Once                 a mental sanctuary, now            a dull, parched Garden of Eden Imaginations free-flowing organ plugged
The last chair was broken and his house was ruinedThey kept beating his mom, she was bruisingBecuz the rent was due andThere was also a debt which was huge andHe had 1 little brother
You have a million things crossing your mind.time, money, bills, and schooling.So many things that you have to keep track of.As soon as you lose grip you're losing sight of. 
The feeling can come anytime honestly Pain, but i dont think you can understand dont you too? It comes in the pale yet vibrant light of a reflection deep in beauty In cacophony
I love you more than those Versace heels worn by January Jones. More that that Escada argyle sweater of neutral tones, More than that five-hundred dollar Chanel necklace and that vintage Gucci purse and heels.
I am from Picture Frames From Yankee Candles and febreeze Airspray I am from the weeds growing under the deck (tall, green, it tasted like celery) I am from the Begonia semperflorens the Gaillardia aristata,
prenez prenez ce que vous pouvez and in those words a ray  of something foreign of something in the tributaries of all  fjords gorges long scraggly ravines in their mystery  
I am the hunter, she is the bird. I reach and reach but cannot hold. Opporunity is her name. She flaps her wings and flies away. I hit my head, again and again. On the cold hard ground in pure frustration.
Success without dedication Winning without motivation Beginning not knowing where to end Sacrafices and many sins Making realistic goals Not doing what you are told Following your dream
Support, another name for a friend. Something that you really haven't been. Instead of trying to see through my eyes All you do is sit there and criticize.
Can’t you see, I’m trying to be optimistic. Everything you did, I try my hardest to forget it. Don’t wanna hurt you By acting like I’m so resented. But we’ve done it before,
I see the white kids on the swing, My heart is pounding from within. What will they say if i ask to play? Will they say "go away," or " maybe another day?" Mamma tells me not to worry,
You slash and burn and claw your way to the top of the tower, Only to see that the view is the same from the ground.
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