Daughter vs. Dad (Drunk Edition)

My Name is Samantha Hurd and this is a poem about my Dad and his Drinking problem. My Dad drinks, I don't and I plan to keep it that way. 

Everyday at my house it's a battle.

When my Dad gets drunk, his emotions would be so out of wack it would be like hurding cattle.

Days when my Dad would be sobier, life would be fine.

Other days would be like getting hit with needles of pine.

I would build up the courage to talk to my Dad about his drinking.

Then when he gets drunk I would be like what was I thinking.

I would hide in my room.

Only to come out when it was safe from doom.

To try to counquer this fear.

It was not possible to do without me shedding a tear.

Until one day I had enough.

I talked to my Dad and said I may be your Daughter, but I am tough.

You may have scared me in the past.

However, me being scared of you is now dead last.

Come at me with all you've got.

I assure you I won't be afraid to conquer my fear of you and take the top spot.

In this battle I have won.

To be afraid of your drunken rants, I am done.


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My family
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