She Is Awesome

So theres this girl. Brown skin, average looks, shes got a lot of ambition. if she could dance instead of walk she would and she would tell everyone how she feels about them if she could.

But let me tell you what makes her cool, what makes her fly, what makes her awesome, it's that even without wings she seems to fly above the negativity. It's that even with blurred vision she can still see passed her front door. It's that her comfort level is so high---- she doesn't give a crap about anybody's comfort level. It's that even with all the cuts, she still had just enough love to go around for the one who was holding the knife.

Dont be fooled. She has her flaws The features and the traits that make her question what's reachable The loud noises that keep her up at night The loud noises that drown out the sounds of her freedom and peace ringing But it's all in a dark room, closed off, hiding behind smiles and freshly plucked eyebrows. A new outfit from Forever 21 that she spent her whole check on Just to feel pretty, just to feel important as if those whispers in the morning dont tell her that already and i know this doest sound like a brag But theres this girl

and the key in her awesomness is that by the end of this poem She will be back in the right mindset Back and refocused. All she needs to do is close her eyes and drown out the loud noises And understand that through all the awesome wrongs and the awesome rights, there's rhythm in her imperfections. It's pretty, it's important and just like that her brown skin Just like her ambition Just like her $400 outfit from Forever 21 Just like this poem She is and has always been Awesome

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