prenezprenez ce que vous pouvez

Sat, 01/25/2014 - 06:27 -- Vhor


prenez ce que vous pouvez and in those words a ray 

of something foreign of something in the tributaries of all 

fjords gorges long scraggly ravines in their mystery  

one hears them spoken and the echoes in the

fjords gorges long scraggly ravines

and one may understand them word for word for word

and il existe beaucoup d’hommes qui peuvent comprendre

mais when they do they hear the words and their echo and

take them as they can as they will for the words are themselves

are meaningless only like fjords gorges long scraggly ravines

some rapacious tableau to admire and describe in the way of

pretention and in the way of cognition but here and here

the useless excretion of the mind


when he awakes he has forgotten

the mélange des mots all rotten

Some English Some French

and the rest only sodden stench


his back to the wall covered entire

with words and words and words

to help to aid to to to all the same

words pointing irrevocably to one word

he sees it the one word which he cannot

see and he when he sees it is gone


like the fjords gorges ravines all pithy geography

A uselessness found only in the reaches of ontology

deep dark cavernous leering without eyes

one word to mark everything thing he has seen


he drifts to sleep for that is his course

his breaths fragmented and coarse

like great pauses before storms

or any other clichéd forms


when he awakes he has forgotten

his back wet from sweat

the enamoring heat of cotton

he didn’t try to forget

he didn’t try to sleep

a thousand sheep

all with their tongues

wet like his back with


and when finally he is awoken

and the mixture no longer cloudy

he looks to nothing to taste

to hear to feel the words the word

he wants to find to understand why

forges gjords wrong raggly ravines

still reek from his head and why


and when finally he wakes

he hears the word the word

that he has been searching for

all his life the word to describe

everything and anything of him

and hears it this word this word

waking sleeping a thousand times

he hears the word:    


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