Growth to Plateau

Tue, 06/04/2019 - 00:59 -- zakyah

I was a pretty fat kid, I made things awkward for myself and I distanced myself from others, and I just didn't feel like I fit in anywhere. There was a stage in my life when I didn't even want to see myself in a mirror. Then at the start of my Freshman year in high school I made the decision to start working out and treating myself better, plus I started to treat everyone I came into contact with as well as I treated myself. Until one day as I was walking by a window and saw my reflection and didn't even recognize who I was looking at. The person I saw was a strong confident man, a kind of man I wanted to be ever since I little. No longer was I the overweight child of my past, but a new person I could be proud of. My early stage of childhood was over and now a new phase in my life has begun; a phase where I will learn, grow, and make mistakes. I hope this new phase in my life teaches me as much as the first one did, and that I can continue to build on what I have already learned and keep edging forward to be an even better version of the person I am now.  


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