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  Torn   Between love and hurt Truth and lies Wants and needs   Torn    Among the shambles  Shattered on the floor  In tiny unrecognizable shards    
  Torn   Between love and hurt Truth and lies Wants and needs   Torn    Among the shambles  Shattered on the floor  In tiny unrecognizable shards    
Heartbreaker You light up the world. People adore your glittering eyes The way your hips sway Side to side when you walk. Heartbreaker
My vision darkens. My stomach churns. My heart races. You saw my pain but you used me anyway.   ~awatr
Everything was spinning around, the voices were too loud, she thought it was a dream.
They ask are you good? I answer with my mask and feel like a empty cask I´m fine so everyone around me can shine can you see the skyline I´am supine being on my back it´s all black
Oh it's you.  Hello again! I know, it's been so long, it's so nice to see you! What do you think? I've barely been holding myself together.  Are you kidding, I've never been better! How's the wife?
Because I Love You,
call me out of the shadows i call home call me out of this place that stripped me to the bone call me out of the burning fire of life call me away from the blade of a knife
my stone, my stone  oh my cold stone heart  why are you callaous and set apart? my black, my black oh my shriveled black heart? why when I need you, do you depart? my hard, my hard
It stings deep inside Though it reveals itself As righteous anger Or perhaps A blind fury Is more accurate Your blood roars With the urge To inflict pain Only later
Nothing stands out Numbness takes over Robotic movements Apathy bleeds in And emotions Fade away Muted and dim Somewhere In the background While a being With no face
"The wolves inside my head Gnawing at my brain Try to take my essence  And flush it down the drain Remember who I am If it's those wolves I tame If I can't defeat them I might just be too late
Her dreams torn apart Her hopes crushed forever and Nothing matters now
The sun goes back down Days turn a bit longer Time passes much slower Grey tinge fills the air   I'm stuck and defeated Downthrodded and beaten Torn and split on emotions
Princess Cara and Sir Arthur Approached a fork in the path. She jumped from her stallion,
You break my heartJust a little each day
You make me insecure. You lied. You looked me right in the eye and lied to me to save yourself. Because god forbid you ever be held responsible for your actions. 
My home rests on two shores, North and South A house with two front doors, My love has two faces. I am two people confronting our rift Letting the waters take us adrift,
There was a chill in the wind that night, one like no other. The darkness made it hard for sight,
The sun sheds a tear for the moon,       and the moon for the sun. For only a glimpse of the others is caught       before each must run.
Is it not enough for you that you've ripped my heart out already. You fucking broke it and now you have to step on every single one of the pieces too? Was it never enough for you to just know that I loved you?  
She knows where they are hidden But, says "You got to be kidden!" The color of red Comes pouring out as she is laying in bed. She gets relieve from the pain But, tends to go insane.
I'll leave you be That's what you seem To desire You left me standing
The rain. The rain. My bare feet on the cold wet ground. I stare across the vast expanse which is my city. The trees. The houses. The lights. The cars. As the rain falls, my world seems to go in slow motion.
Dejection, No affection. Depression, No expression.   Happiness? No. Not anymore. No more blessedness. No more galore.   Why do I still love. Why do I still trust.
Don't shut me out.Don't lock away
There’s always talk of moving Always the possibility of leaving Packing a bag and never looking back There’s always that glimmer of hope that sparks inside of me, But a skeptical shadow over powers everything,
You’re crying and you’re heaving As pain rips you apart And I can’t help thinking Of how you do have a strong heart   Tears are gushing from your eyes Filled with so much pain and anguish
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