Is it not enough for you that you've ripped my heart out already.

You fucking broke it and now you have to step on every single one of the pieces too?

Was it never enough for you to just know that I loved you?


You never took the time for the little things, you used too though.

You used to love me too.

Remember the nights you used to call me at 3 am?

The nights we'd fall asleep on the phone together.


It's sad what we've become, this infection.

It eats away at me day by day

Because we don't really love each other, not anymore.

We just don't know how to let go.


There's been too many lies, too many games, too many times our hearts have strayed.

Because it just doesn't forget these things we've done.

And what of those things?

What of every time you've lied through your teeth, everytime you've slipped away.

These hearts don't forget, that's for sure.

And this one's broken in so many places I'm begging myself just to feel.

Just give me 5 minutes where I'm so happy I don't know what to do with myself.

5 minutes I'm not lost, not hurt, not broken.


Just 5 minutes.  


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