handling me

I'll leave you be
That's what you seem
To desire
You left me standing
Here in this corner
It seems like those
Words of love
Were veils
You loved me not
You desired me not
Lusted maybe and
Enjoyed my touch
My words are empty
They lay flat and
Flutter in the breeze
This prose does nothing
To soothe my
Torn heart
Torn is right
You didn't shred it
No, you didn't
Break it
You pulled me one
Way and then another
I was your puppet on
A million strings
Forget you because
You forget me
Promises lay behind
You like a trail
Of guilt
My finger points to
You, the culprit
Never knowing may hurt
How much was
If I say it all
Was that's not any
Better but
Parts leave me empty
Now that's a
Funny word
I trusted you and
So I hurt you
You couldn't handle
So now you're gone
And I'm still here
Another mark
Another check
Another empty
I'll see you
For a while
And then
I'll move on
Without you because
You couldn't
Handle me



Love this poem, I normally don't like poems that don't rhyme but this was awesome!

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