Nothing stands out

Numbness takes over

Robotic movements

Apathy bleeds in

And emotions

Fade away

Muted and dim


In the background

While a being

With no face

And no features

Lies to themself

That it's okay

It'll get better

When hope is dying

And laughs are choked

Smiles are wavering

Fake and not real

Tears come dripping

Tripping over themselves

Raising a hand

To wipe them away

But letting it fall

Who cares anymore

This happens everyday

Anger pulses with sorrow

Like a drum

Like a heart

It beats in their blood

Aesthetic awe

Peering through the window

With wrongly placed


And polite sympathy

Which never has

And that doesn't 

Help any

Hurt feelings

Are abound

And which side

Should they be on

Is the main question

They both matter

But choosing one 

Means saying

You mattered more

And you matter less

How can it be right

How can they decide

Which heart to break

Which soul to crush

In a moment like that

In a guilt-raced rush

Not deciding

Means repeating

And repeating 

Means forever

And their heart

Now numb

Could very well

Be severed. 


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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