my dead beating heart

my stone, my stone 

oh my cold stone heart 

why are you callaous and set apart?

my black, my black

oh my shriveled black heart?

why when I need you, do you depart?

my hard, my hard

oh my hard broken heart 

like a tattered old painting you are no longer art

my rough, my rough

oh my rough tortured heart 

threw away everything and make to depart 

my torn, my torn

oh my poor torn heart 

we made the wrong choice, one that we thought was smart

my scarred, my scarred

oh my lost scarred heart 

why oh why didn't we impart 

my beaten, my beaten 

oh my battered beaten heart

we both saw the signs that this feeling was dark

my dead my dead 

now my dead beating heart



This poem is about: 
My family





This is not just a poem, it's an experience. I felt my heart turning to stone and fading away, I swear! 


thank you so much! i have been writng poems for four years now, ever since i was twelve i'm glad something i love to do made someone else feel something 

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