It stings deep inside

Though it reveals itself

As righteous anger

Or perhaps

A blind fury

Is more accurate

Your blood roars

With the urge

To inflict pain

Only later

Does the sorrow

And the regret

Come again

Irritation still boils

Bubbles of spite

Popping and inflating

A traitor is something

You can never forget

You can't possibly

Shield yourself from it

Any of the shock

None of the bitterness

You have a cup of woe

A flask of tears and blood

To drink

With a growing sense 

Of melancholy

You begin to blame yourself

But it flickers like a flame

Between you and the other

The confusion switches

Into a frustration

The self-hatred

Deepens into a 


A grieving

That won't fade completely

It lies behind

In traces of memory

And past events

Trust is shattered

Redundant apologies

Go through one ear

And out the other

You are done

Finished with it

It is over

And there isn't 

Any turning back

The bridges

Were crossed

And the deed was done

Hearts were broken

Turned into icy steel

A barricade of mistrust

A fog of wariness

And understood caution

You don't want to feel

No more hurt

No more pain

And somehow

Your reckless heart

Somehow understands

And deep within

It starts to rain. 


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